Osteopathy for Pregnancy

osteopathy for pregnancy

During pregnancy and birth, the body will have to accommodate enormous postural changes and forces. The combined weight of the baby and associated tissues can be up to 20 pounds. The necessary postural compensations allied with an increase in ligamentous laxity from hormonal changes can lead to discomfort and a wide range of symptoms. These may include heartburn, muscular pain, symphysis pubis dysfunction, nausea and vomiting and breathing difficulties.

Osteopathy can help alleviate many of the symptoms, and in addition, help prepare the pelvis and its associated muscles for the birth process. Additionally, we are often able to help the mother as the body re-adjusts following delivery.

We also find many mothers suffer in the months after the baby is born, partly due to increased lifting, carrying and bending, but also from many hours spent feeding, sometimes in awkward postures, can cause problems. Again, gentle osteopathic treatment may be able to help.

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