Useful Resources

Various organisations that can give you more information about osteopathy and its related areas.

Institute of Osteopathy (IO)
The IO is our professional association and its site contains much useful information about how osteopaths work, and articles about such topics as sports injuries, driving positions and the treatment of everyone from children to the elderly

General Osteopathic Council (GOsC)
By law, osteopaths must be registered with the GOsC in order to practise in the UK. It is the body which sets standards in practice and in education and training, and maintains the statutory register. There is a complete online register to look for osteopaths across the UK and in other parts of the world.

Sutherland Society
This is an association of osteopaths who have undergone training in osteopathy in the cranial field. There is discussion of the applications of this approach, and an unofficial register of members.

Sutherland Cranial College (SCC)
This is one of the postgraduate faculties teaching the concepts and practice of osteopathy in the cranial field. There are links to sites with information on research and lectures by practitioners from the UK and the US

British School of Osteopathy (BSO)
Colin, Warwick and Paul were trained at the BSO. This site has links to many osteopathic organisations and research resources.

European School of Osteopathy (ESO)
David was trained at the ESO in Maidstone. This School's site has a long list of links to international partners, other colleges, and research material.

Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy (FPO)
The treatment of children continues to be an important part of our work at the Clinic. A good source of information is the Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy and their Osteopathic Centre for Children. There are videos of osteopaths at work with children and a lot of explanation on this site.

Osteopathic Sportscare Association (OSCA)
Has information about the role of osteopaths in treating sports people, and news about their activities in the forthcoming Olympics.

For those interested in the early development of Osteopathy, there is a comprehensive site of texts at

A critical discussion of some of the history and principles of craniosacral therapy and the Involuntary Mechanism can be found at with many references.

Two of the best-known sites for alternative views of health issues are; and
These can be treated as a useful counterbalance to mainstream medical information, but with their crusading zeal, they sometimes fall into the trap of exaggerating their message and promoting conspiracy theories. They also have their own commercial agenda, even if it is tiny compared with that of the pharmaceutical industry. The Mercola site (USA) presents many videos of interviews with health care experts, and is well-argued when it comes to the discussion of medical issues.

A website that can give you detailed information and advice about the exercise that's best for you.

Men's Fitness

A website dedicated to different workouts for men. Men's Fitness.

Women's Fitness

A website dedicated to different workouts for women. Women's Fitness.

Map My Run

MapMyRUN is a social athletic community that enables all levels of runners, cyclists, walkers, tri-athletes, hikers and fitness enthusiasts to track every detail of their physical activity. Our free tools and services help members stay motivated to meet their fitness goals.

Arthritis Exercises

Various information from Arthritis Today about the most beneficial exercises and ways to stay fit.